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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

New catheter technology of pacemaker; This device is the smallest and lightest pacemaker available in the world.

The function of a pacemaker is to increase the heart rate when it is low. Conventional pacemaker has to two parts namely the pulse generator (generator) and the lead. This pulse generator is implanted beneath the skin in upper chest wall through a mini surgical procedure and a long lead connects it to heart. This may require 3-7 days of hospital stay, removal of stitches after 1 week and may be associated with issues of infection, wound healing, etc.

Leadless Pacemaker is very small like a capsule compared to conventional pacemaker and implanted within the heart chamber through a catheter accessed through groin venous blood vessel.

Implantation of this leadless pacemaker takes less than 30 minutes (almost like undergoing angiography); there is no incision, no scar and is cosmetically good with 0% infection rate. Unlike the conventional pacemaker which is larger in size with a long lead and requires a longer patient recovery time, Leadless Permanent Pacemaker is MRI Compatible, weighs less than 2 grams and has a longevity usage of 12 years. Patient can continue taking blood-thinner medication without interruption. Patient can be mobilised within a few hours after the procedure and return to normal activities on the next day; requires maximum one day hospitalisation.

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